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Hibachi Charcoal Burner

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Multi-purpose charcoal-burner: Hookah lovers coming over for a BBQ Party? The electric coal burner comes to the rescue. It not only serves the function of a charcoal burner for cooking but can also be used as a charcoal burner for Hookah. Additionally, it comes with a removable charcoal tray which can be used for tea/coffee warming.


The multi-purpose electric charcoal burner is your savior for a BBQ party or hookah hangouts because it is portable and a safe electric charcoal burner. Just connect it to a power source and let the burner do the rest.The Hibachi Charcoal Starter only takes 3 minutes for the charcoal to settle in. Not only does it heat up faster than any other burner, but, it also cools down just as quickly for storage.Due to its portable nature, the Hibachi electric charcoal-burner makes for the perfect companion for outdoor cooking. The heat resistant porcelain makes the burner anti-corrosive and providing it great longevity.The product also comes with a stainless steel removable tray that is easy to clean and can be used for warming your tea/coffee. What’s more? The handle once detached doubles as a pair of tongs  providing you a safe way to handle the hot coal.


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What makes the fire at Hibachi?

Japanese people

What does a charcoal burner do?

A charcoal burner ignites coal using electricity to produce heat. This portable electric stove can also be used to warm tea or coffee. The stove burner can be covered with a stainless steel (comes with the product) top which can then be used for warming things.

How do you use a charcoal burner?

All you have to do is plug it in and set the heat to max and set your coals on top. The Hibachi Charcoal Starter only takes 3 minutes for the charcoal to settle in making it the perfect portable camping stove to bring along on days where you might need an outdoor stove.

Does burning charcoal produce more smoke in burner?

No, as it is a single burner camp stove, the amount of charcoal that it can hold isn’t much. So, it won’t produce a lot of smoke regardless of what you burn. Moreover, it can be used as an electric burner for cooking that is why we’ve made sure to keep its smoke production minimal.

Is using charcoal burner indoors dangerous?

Using any camping stove or electric stove inside can be potentially dangerous. These things get incredibly hot incredibly fast. We’ve made sure that the Hibachi Charcoal Starter cools down just as quickly as it heats up for storage, but we would still advise you to not throw caution to the wind while using it indoors.