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Essentials to Take Along on Your First Winter Camping Trip

Winter camping can be a lot of fun since it involves a lot of peaceful and quiet moments near a campfire under the star-lit sky. However, though it can be exciting, it is natural for a first-time camper to be apprehensive about the upcoming trip. But as long as you pack the right gear and take care of the right things, your camping trip will be memorable and a lot of fun.  

Are you planning on embarking on your first winter camping trip in the near future? Then here is a list and Tips for Winter Camping that definitely have to take along with you to have a stress-free trip. From paper towels to coal burner stoves, this list has got you covered:

Pack the Right Sleep Gear:​

Sleep Gear

While no one can expect to sleep comfortably during a winter camping trip exactly like one sleeps at home, it is always a good idea to take good sleep gear along. A lot of hiking can wear you out, and it often becomes necessary to catch a few good hours of sleep so as to wake up fresh the next day and easily make breakfast in a cooking stove. You should be careful to buy a sufficiently large-sized tent so that you won’t have to sleep curled up tight and wake up with cramps in the morning. You should also remember to buy a good quality sleeping bag that can protect you from the cold, as well as a camping pillow to prevent a strong headache from happening in the morning. This is unavoidable during winter camping trips. Coal burners can be a blessing during the cold weather too.

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Stock Up on Flashlights and Batteries:​


In the middle of the night, after the campfire has burnt out, you might want to investigate an unusual noise or answer nature’s call. It is during such moments that a good flashlight can come in handy. To be well prepared, it is a good idea to take at least 2-3 flashlights along with you on your first winter camping trip. To be extra safe, it is advisable to take a few extra batteries along too. These are important things to remember since it can be considered downright foolish not to take proper flashlights along especially on a winter camping trip. This is as important as taking a cooking stove along.

Throw in a Few Health and Hygiene Essentials:​

Hygiene Essentials

Forgetting to take toiletries and hygiene products along on your camping trip can really put a damper on things, and even end up ruining the fun. You should remember to take along your toothbrush, toothpaste, a first aid kit, toilet paper and so on while winter camping. A few bottles of water can’t hurt either, especially if you end up camping somewhere far away from running water. You should also pack an insect repeller and moisturiser to apply on your body to protect yourself from harm. 

Slip in a Couple of Gadgets:


For a first time camper, it might be difficult to remember the way to and from the campsite. In such a case, it is important to have a navigation device with you so as to not get lost and to end up wandering around for days alone. It is also necessary to have a portable power outlet to save you in case of emergencies. Taking along a wireless music speaker can’t hurt either. 

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Invest in a Coal Burner Stove:

Hunger can become a major problem while camping, and it is important to pack the right kind of foodstuff as well as the right kind of cooking utensils too. The right kind of camping food is durable, and this includes dehydrated can food, trail mixes, instant coffee, and tea sachets, beef jerky, dried fruits and so on. The cooking utensils to be taken along include a coal burner stove, paper plates and cups, paper towels, spoons and ladles, and so on. You should also take along trash bags and find a way to dispose of them properly too. Keeping a cooking stove with you while camping is crucial unless you want to spend the entire trip eating cold food. With a small coal burner, you can cook up a nice warm meal to get you through the trip. The best option is to buy an electric coal burner stove, such as Venyn’s Hibachi Charcoal Burner since it involves a lot less hassle to be set up that traditional charcoal burners. Such a cooking stove can really help you stay well-fed throughout your trip.

Posted on :- March 6, 2020

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