5 Most Haunting Hairstyles That You Need To Try This Halloween!

The 5 Most Haunting Hairstyles That You Need To Try This Halloween!

No Halloween costume is complete without a fittingly spooky hairstyle to go with the extravagant body paints, fake wounds and grand outfits. Giving some extra attention to hairstyle detail can be the difference between a convincing costume and a scarcely credible imitation of a Mardi Gras getup gone wrong. 

From additions such as wigs and hair dyes to simpler hairstyles that you can try out with your own hair, there’s a wicked variety of options that help you take your Halloween appearance to the next level. And if you do it right, you may just find out that a convincing, realistic hairstyle does much more for you than oodles of face paint and the heaviest of outfits.

Trending Wigs & Hairstyles For This 2020 Halloween Season

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

Lady Gaga Hairstyle

If you’ve kept up to date with the pop superstar’s music and concerts (and let’s be honest, we all have at some point, you’ll know that Lady Gaga has perfected a variety of hairstyles that are enough to last you through Halloween for the entire decade. From fringes to eye-catching buns, Lady Gaga’s approach, which has also utilized wigs very well, is guaranteed to offer something for everyone. The biggest advantage is that these are great for people with blonde hair and those who do not want to mess around with their natural hair too much and choose to avoid paints and wigs.

Medusa Braids

Medusa Braids

Another excellent and easily-recognisable option is tribute to the legendary Greek villainess, Medusa, whose hair turned to snakes as the result of a curse. This is another style that does not require too much additional improvisation and can be pulled off without paints and wigs. A fantastic option put forth by a few hairstylists was to add tiny non-heat producing lights into your crown braids for a haunting glow!

Rosy the Riveter

Rosy the Riveter

It doesn’t get any more patriotic than this American classic. Arguably the best option for people with curly hair! Buns, wavy curls and bright bandanas, what’s not to love! There’s also room for experimenting and improvisation and it goes well with almost any outfit! If you don’t want to go through all the effort, there’s also a range of terrific affordable wigs available online that will do the trick!

The David Bowie

The David Bowie

Simply iconic and much adored by people with shorter hair. If you love bright colours, this is the way to go and the look is tailored to go with a dash of face paint. Another option that can be obtained with the help of bright wigs or hair spray! So go ahead and sprinkle some ziggy stardust over your Halloween party with a tribute to the Piccasso of Pop!

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Mermaid Madness

Mermaid Madness

For people who love wigs, colours, paints and different styles, this is the ideal choice! If you don’t have particularly long hair, there’s a plethora of cute mermaid wigs available online. On the other hand, this might be the most fun hairstyle, just because of all the wonderfully scary choices and potential to experiment that it offers!

Hairstyling Tips for Halloween

  • Always use temporary hair paints. If possible, choose a wig over hair dye, as it’s much more convenient and is a chemical-free, non-toxic option.
  • To get rid of dyes and paints, wash your hair with warm water and a sulfate-free shampoo.
  • To detangle hair without breaking, pulling and causing pain, divide your hair into sections and use a comb to untangle each section one at a time.
  • While warm water and heat works post-Halloween, it’s a better choice to wash your hair using cold water before you get down to doing your makeup and prepare for the party!

We wish you a safe and enjoyable Halloween! Celebrate responsibly and let the scares commence!

Posted on :- October 6, 2020

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