Snoring – Causes, Effects, And Prevention

How often have you woken up in the middle of the night on hearing the loudest snores produced by your partner? How often have you fallen in love with the cute little snores that your children make while sleeping? There are myths that state that snores are produced by humans when they are really tired and are deeply asleep. This is definitely not the cause of snoring and snores are definitely not supposed to be ignored when kids and adults make noise while sleeping. Snoring sound is caused when the soft palate and the uvula in the mouth vibrate when air passes through the passage.  This blog has all of that you need to know about snoring. You can read the tips to prevent it over here too. 

Causes of snoring:

Overweight and Obesity
  • Obesity – The main reason for someone to snore so hard is because of the weight they have. The cholesterol in the body that leads to obesity also leads to snoring in many of them. The excess of fat cells in the neck and throat region narrows the air pathway and this leads to the formation of snores. 
  • Alcohol consumption – When one consumes alcohol, the content of alcohol enters the body and relaxes the brain, throat muscles, and the muscles in the nose and neck region. Thus when the inhalation of air happens when these muscles are relaxed, the snores are formed. 
  • Smoking – Cigarettes have tobacco which in turn has a high amount of nicotine in it. Nicotine is dangerous and is a muscle relaxer just like alcohol. When the air is breathed in, the 
  • Mouth anatomy – Sometimes, you could snore if your palate is small or low. This lower palate causes a restriction in the air pathway that could lead to snoring.

Effects of snoring:

Stress and Anxiety
  • Morning sickness – Without good sleep and your mouth is open for almost the entire night, you could feel sick in the morning. This would include fatigue, nausea, headache, and even a high temperature at times. 
  • Heart diseases – When you snore, you are putting a lot of pressure on the inner organs of your body. This could be extremely dangerous. There are high chances of high blood pressure due to snoring. This can lead to heart attacks, heart strokes, or even blood regurgitation in the heart chambers that is extremely fatal. 
  • Irritability – Many of us have a tendency to have a bad mood if we do not sleep well. The same happens when we snore. Snoring does not let us have a peaceful sleep and we keep waking up in the middle of the night many times. This spoils our good sleep and we will have face the next day being extremely cranky and irritated. 
  • Forgetful behavior – When we do not sleep well in the night, we will remain least focused and cannot concentrate on what we do the next morning. With all of this, we tend to be extremely forgetful and do not carry out our work well. This may affect work performance too. 

Prevention of snoring:

Avoid snoring
  • Changing sleep position – One often has all the body pressure on the windpipe when we sleep straight. This is a cause of snoring too. If you want to have a soundless and a night of peaceful sleep, do not sleep on your back or your tummy. Instead, sleep on your side. It may take some time for you to get accustomed to it. You can sleep over your side and avoid snores.
  • Reduction of alcohol – It is good to reduce smoking and alcohol consumption on a regular basis. Having a drink once in a while is good, but if you are having it on a daily basis, it is good to avoid it. The minute you reduce consuming alcohol, you will feel fit and sleep well without your snores disturbing you. 
  • Using a nose vent – The best way to sleep without snoring is to use nose vents. Most of the snore prevention tips show results over time and are not instant. However, if you want immediate results to curb snoring, you can buy the nose vents and wear it in your nostrils when you hit the bed. These nose vents come in sizes that perfectly fit your nose and you will not have any discomfort when you wear them. 
  • Losing weight – Obesity is the main reason for snoring and you can stop the snores by losing weight. This includes exercising regularly, eating healthy, and not consuming unwanted food and alcohol. When the fat cells in the body reduce the pressure on the nasal and air passage in the body reduces and thus, snoring comes down. 

This blog had all the pointers towards the causes, effects, and prevention of snoring. It is good to avoid snoring than to regret later. Follow all of these tips diligently and make way for a better lifestyle.

Posted on :- July 6, 2020

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