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Prepping Up For A House Party During Quarantine

There is an old saying that life never stops and has to go on. The COVID-19 pandemic made its way to almost all the places across the globe and the entire world today suffers from it. After a series of exhausting lockdowns and relaxations, the human race has made way to live along with this pandemic. The malls, restaurants and other places that the general public have been visiting are made open. Well, many are excited about the opening of the places to hang out, without thinking about how safe they could be. 

One needs to understand that the economy has suffered a huge loss because of the pandemic lockdown and all the businesses are reopening because of the economic crisis. Well, the virus has still gained territory in most of the places and all of this makes it very unsafe for humans to still go out of the house. Well, life cannot stop and has to go on. So do the parties and all the fun. If you are missing your house parties and want to throw up a party, get to know that the pandemic is still on. Here are some rules for you. 

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1. Keep It Low Key– The disco setup and all the fun music makes a party extra spectacular, but how keeping your party low key is the best. This is because many of your neighbours may be working from home and many of them would be making way for some peace at home during the lockdown. It is always good if you keep the party a low key one. There would be many having their own tasks to complete and noise pollution during the lockdown would be a high disturbance. Arrange the party at your terrace or in your garden with very little music. You can also plan some barbecue themed party using a portable coal burner to make it a little more exciting. 

2. Watch Out on Your Guest List – A party is very important to keep the mood and mind healthy, but social distancing is equally important. It is advisable to have a shorter guest list to celebrate at your space. This would help you in keeping your budget minimal and keeping the risk of spreading the infection at bay. Do not invite anyone from the containment zones and practice social distancing. The other advantage of planning a get together at an open space is that you can prevent the virus from entering your home and make way for a larger space to improve social distancing. A good gathering of 10-20 people is more than enough to have a good gathering at your space. 

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Hygiene Rules

3. Make Sure You Implement Hygiene Rules – When you have your mood set right to party, do not forget to maintain basic hygiene rules. Implement and encourage the use of hand sanitisers and face masks. You can make your party extra vibrant by distributing designer face masks. All of this can be made in accordance with the theme. Encourage hand wash and do not share the hand towels. Use disposable cutlery – made of reused paper to save the earth and prevent the spread of the virus or only sort of infection. 

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4. Say a No to Hotel Food –  The most common thing that all the hosts of the party do is to order food from outside. This is completely unhealthy and can be dangerous owing to the pandemic situation. It would take a little extra effort to cook for a large crowd at home, but this is the safest way to prevent the spread of the pandemic. The best way to make your cooking more fun is to arrange it in your backyard or terrace with some delicious barbecues. It would not cost you much. You can be using a portable charcoal burner which makes cooking easy and quick. This is the best way to have a chirpy and yet a safe and low key party. 

All of the parties do not need noise and loud music. Parties can happen with minimal guests, little food that does not get wasted, and of course, less noise. With all of this, you can have a safe party at home with you near and dear ones. 

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Posted on :- June 8, 2020

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