Hygiene routines can help you stop snoring

Amongst the population of the United States of America, only 10% prioritizes sleep over other aspects of their life. This causes an imbalance in your lifestyle and leaves your body with minimal rest leading to inadequate functioning. 

To stop snoring, you will need to practice proper sleep hygiene habits. Although we are aware of the general hygienic routines, such as washing our hands before and after food, most of us are unaware of sleep hygiene. This is because many do not value sleep as much as other activities, which is a poor mindset to have.

Sleep is essential for the body and mind to function correctly. Lack of sleep could significantly affect all aspects of your life negatively. This article will showcase ways that will help you better your sleep routines.

Practising yoga

Sleep Hygiene Practices:

Sleep schedule

We often fall prey to late-night shows and texts that have led to the habit of fluctuating sleep timings. Having a fixed sleep cycle is essential to the quality of sleep that your body receives. Following a sleep schedule will help you discipline your body to sleep and wake up during the right hours. Having a sleep schedule alone could be a solution to snoring. Studies also indicate that in 47% of the US population, lack of proper sleep schedules lead to emotional instability. Get your beauty sleep to keep your mind and body working at its best.

Monitor your sleep

Monitoring your sleep is an excellent way to find out what goes on through your body while you sleep. By knowing the factors that affect your sleep, you can work on fixing them directly from the source of the problem. With modern technology, you can monitor your sleep through the use of anti-snoring devices and apps. These apps help track your body’s responses as it progresses through the different sleep stages.

Skimp on naps

Napping is a habit that many of us partake in. We nap as a way of recovering our body. However, napping cuts down the sleep that you get during the night. If you’ve napped in the middle of the day, your body assumes that you do not need your night sleep.

More often than not, we nap because of boredom. Having nothing to do, excess free time gives us the privilege to nap. The way to avoid napping is by filling in the gaps of your daily schedule so that you always have something that needs to get done; it could be small chores or organizing the things that will help you with your next task.

Napping gives the illusion of recovering the body; however, it does the opposite. It stops your body from recovering while you sleep at night. Do not nap during the day and try to keep yourself occupied.

Do yoga

Yoga is a practice that aligns your physical and mental states together. Many overlook the importance of yoga. Yoga is a great way to release the muscle tension that is present in your body before you sleep. Yoga also helps free the mind, allowing it to relax and enter a stress-free state.

Spending 10 minutes before your bedtime practising yoga is a grey way to sleep with a relaxed body and mind. The quality of sleep after yoga sessions will far outweigh regular sleeping.

No snacks at night

Eating late at night goes against your circadian system. Snacking or eating food at late hours, before bed is a practice of poor sleep hygiene and can directly relate to your snoring. Eliminating meal before bed could be a snoring solution for you if you have a habit of eating late nights.

Try to finish your eating routines 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed. This will keep your eating cycles intact and regulate your biological clock.

Avoid bright lights

Bright lights indicate the body to feel awake and energetic. Having a bright night lamp will give your body a fake sign to feel awake. The same rule can also be applied to mobile phones. When you use your phone, the bright light keeps your body awake. Be sure to eliminate all sources of bright light well before your sleep. Moonlight is the only source of light that does not hinder your sleep environment.

Additional Information

If your snoring is still prevalent, it could be due to different issues such as a nasal structure or your body’s anatomy. You could try anti-snoring devices such as the Elena snore guards to rid your snoring. Elena is an anti-snoring device that comes with three different sizes of snore guard per pack. These snore guards could be slid into your nose before bed, and they will help widen your airways, thus, preventing you from snoring.

It is crucial to find a solution to your snoring. By trying out different anti-snoring devices and following proper sleep hygiene, you can stop snoring. Sleep is essential to the body, and snoring hinders your sleep and of those around you. Do not be negligent; Stop your snoring.

Posted on :- April 1, 2020

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