Hacks To Remove Body Hair In No Time

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How often would you plan to wear your short skirt or your high-slit gown and end up keeping it back into its place in the wardrobe because your hairy skin makes you look nothing less than a bear or a sloth? Well, all the women and some of the men fervently pray for hair only to grow on the head but end up having it all over their bodies. Hair removal for women is one of the most time-consuming tasks that one could ever do. The hair on the body grows faster than you could ever think of and hitting a salon frequently might be tedious and expensive. Here are some of the easiest tricks and painless hair remover methods that you could choose to remove unwanted hair at home. 

  • Shaving With A Good Razor – This is the easiest and quickest way of hair removal for women and men. You can either use a razor, an epilator or even an electric shaver to run all over your skin and remove the hair on the surface of the skin. Make sure you choose a device or a razor that reduces hair diameter over the times you use it. This is a painless method of hair removal although you need to keep a good watch over the blades so that your skin does not get a cut and a sore. 
  • Hot Waxing – Hot wax is the easiest way to pull off the body hair. The hair after waxing takes a little longer time to regrow. Hot wax comes in the form of a paste, a gel and even in the form of wax beans. Among all, wax beans are easy to yous and easy to store too. You can only take the desired quantity that you will need and use it instead of haphazardly taking out the gel from the tins. Use the wax beans and take the help of waxing strips to pull them off. 
  • Threading – Threading is a tedious process and is definitely not a one-person thing. You need to take help from a friend for it. Although threading is only for the face, you can use this trick to quickly pull out hair from your finger skin and toe skin. This keeps your hands and feels looking hairless and neat. 
  • Lasering – The latest technology has upgraded the waxing solution with the laser hair removal device. This painless and flawless hair remover can also be a permanent waxing solution too. With every usage, the body hair begins to thin until you will barely find hair over your body. This machine is easy and quick to use and 
  • Depilatory Cream – The final hack that is quick and easy is using a depilatory cream. This goes good on you if you have a skin that is strong to take the cream effects. People with sensitive skin are not recommended to try out this hack as this would cause more allergies and skin rashes.

Posted on :- March 6, 2020

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