Beard Styling Tips For This Halloween

Beard Styling Tips For Taking Care Of Your Facial Hair This Halloween

Spooky season is here and it’s time to whip out the face paint and the costumes and embark on hours of haunting your friends and family. Halloween is almost upon us and bringing with it a whole lot of fun, candy, scares, jack-o-lanterns and obviously, costume parties! Sounds like the perfect situation right? Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Well, not quite. Year after year, we experiment, innovate and elevate our appearance and costumes to the higher levels, aiming to make ourselves as convincing as possible, This constant striving for success comes at the expense of our skin, which has to bear the brunt of an avalanche of paint, adhesive, masks, wigs, sprays and so much more. The only thing that has it worse than our skin is the protective layer of hair that covers it. Yes, Halloween is a beard enthusiast’s worst nightmare, truly a time of fear and apprehension!

There’s a good reason for this of course. After all, there’s so much that could possibly go wrong! Discoloration, a slip of the hand while shaping your beard and the blinding agony of attempting to get rid of an adhesive bound fake wound that is firmly stuck in place.

We’re sure you get the idea by now. For men with a resplendent mane of facial hair, Halloween poses its own set of unpleasant problems. Well, fortunately for you, we’re here to help!

Beard Styles For Halloween

The Top 4 Beard Styles For Halloween

Before we dive into the tips to protect and take care of your beard during this potentially painful period, let us examine the most popular and more importantly, convenient beard styles that you can pull off, allowing you to fit seamlessly into the role you are planning on impersonating and with minimal discomfort!

1. Goatee – People with massive, royal beards are warned, during Halloween the fewer the facial hair the better. Goatees leave the cheeks uncovered and at the same time allow you to pull off some intimidating, tough looks. 

2. Pencil moustache – Even more convenient than the goatee but fits delightfully into the theme of Halloween. If you have aspirations of masquerading about as a vintage villain from a bygone era or a classic 20th century mobster, this is your best bet.

3. Full grown beard – What’s life without a few risks. This might be the most frightfully inconvenient option but from Blackbeard the Pirate to Gandalf the White, the character and costume options if you have a magnificent beard are simply phenomenal.

4. Trimmed down stubble – A tempting option, this allows you to retain the shape of your beard to an extent and ensures that it doesn’t interfere with your makeup too much. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to add much to the scheme of your costume but the whole point of this style is that it can be easily hidden!

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Beard During Halloween

Protecting Your Beard During Halloween

We apologise for offering so many woeful words of warning but it is important to understand that the short and long-term effects of a callous approach towards maintaining your beard during this time of the year are indeed very serious. 

The Negative Effects Of Halloween Makeup On Beards Include – 

  • Ruined texture – The primary ingredients of Halloween makeup are chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals. It’s what makes them effective. Unfortunately, these are awful for hair texture and can damage the smoothness and the soft feel of your beard that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • Discoloration – A very likely result if you use too many layers of face paint and if you leave makeup on your face for extended hours. The last thing you want is to carry over those bloody red stains into next week.
  • Hair fall – Just when you think you’ve avoided face paint altogether, you find yourself stuck behind a tight mask. Wearing masks for long hours causes sweating and can result in damage to your beard if you have to squeeze it in to fit behind the mask.
  • Damage to beard shape – Rarer but also definitely possible, especially if you’re careless enough to use products containing bleach, on your skin. Getting your beard in the perfect shape takes time and effort and you do not want to ruin it over a few days of carelessness.

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Beard Styling Tips for Halloween

Beard Styling Tips for Halloween

These Halloween beard care and styling tips are your best bet to pull off a convincing costume while managing to protect your beard at the same time!

  • Use a beard straightener to style your beard this Halloween. Hair that isn’t stiff and rough is much easier to work with and won’t be a hindrance.
  • Keep it clean. Wash your beard thoroughly before applying make up as well as once you’re back home and removing it. 
  • Beard oils and balms are your best friend. These form a protective layer over your beard, minimizing the effects of chemicals and makeup. 
  • Stay hydrated – Goes without saying, proper hydration is essential to keep your skin and hair supple underneath all those layers.
  • If possible, use a mask. A mask will always be a less damaging option than paint, adhesive, makeup and chemicals.
  • Be patient and slow while removing fake wounds and scars on the face. The adhesives used on these products are extremely strong and unnecessary haste can be painful as well as damaging to your beard and skin.

As always, celebrate carefully and responsibly. We hope you have a spooky and thoroughly enjoyable Halloween!

Posted on :- September 23, 2020

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