4 Ways To Tame Overgrown Nose Hairs

Nose hair serves as our body’s defence function to keep harmful debris from entering our body. Nose hair also maintains the moisture in the air as we breathe. Nose hair is essential to the body, and we need to be mindful while dealing with them.  

Although nose hairs serve a useful function, they often stand out, and some remove it due to cultural and personal reasons. Also, when we go through the men’s personal care blogs, no one talks about clipping the extended nose hair out as they might ruin your facial look. Listed below are a few ways to remove or clip out extended nose hair and have a clean face.

Different Ways To Remove Nose Hair

Nose Trimmers

Nose hair trimmer, as the name suggests, is a tool that is specifically designed to trim your nose hair. Nose hair trimmers are small pairs of scissors that have rounded tips so that you don’t accidentally poke your skin and bleed.

To trim using a pair of nose trimmers:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror. Be sure to have some good lightning as you might not be able to spot your nose hair otherwise.
  2. Clean your nose through blowing. This will remove any hardened mucus that might get in your way later on.
  3. Tip your head back.
  4. Hold your scissors firmly and trim your hair down to the skin.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the trimming process, blow your nose to get out the little extra hair.

Two things to keep in mind while using the nose trimmers:

  • Do not wash your nose with water after trimming. This will send the smaller hair particles into your nose and irritate you.
  • Do not remove all of your nose hair as it helps filter dust and other foreign particles. Instead, remove the thickest and most visible strands of hair.

Electric Shaver

Certain electric shavers, such as the Richor rotary electric shaver by Venyn, come with a nose trimmer attachments. By switching onto the nose trimming attachments, you can safely remove your nose hair using the electric shaver.

If your shaving machine does not have the additional attachment for nose trimming, you can angle the shaving machine in a way that only a few teeth can enter your nose and shave out the hair. While trying this, it is important to firmly hold the shaving machine. This method is not recommended as it could lead to unwanted accidents.

Waxing And Plucking

Leg Waxing

Waxing and plucking fix the only flaw of shaving machines and nose trimmers which is the time it takes for the hair to grow back. When you use nose trimmers or a shaving machine, your nose hairs tend to grow back rather quickly in comparison to waxing or shaving.

There are specific nasal products in the market that help you remove nose hair through waxing and plucking. Nasal wax removes the hair that is on the edges of your nostrils. However, pulling out individual hair can often lead to ingrown hairs and infection.

If you are trying to wax your nostrils, be sure to thoroughly read the instructions. If you have an area that is sore or tender after waxing, place a warm towel over that area. This warm compress will provide you with pain relief and tends to the healing process.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for nose hair follows a similar procedure as the regular laser hair removal that is used for the body. In comparison to waxing and face razors, laser treatments are considerably expensive. With that being said, you will never have to worry about nose trimming again as this is a permanent solution.

If you are thinking about laser hair removal, be sure to find a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, as the nostrils are small cavities and should be treated only by professionals. Be sure to find a doctor with lots of experience and go through the consultation process before beginning the laser hair removal treatment.


Nose hairs can make your face look odd when they are overgrown and thus, keeping them in check is essential. For an average person, face razors will be the best options when it comes to nose trimming. You could trim your nostrils with the face razor once a week, and you will be good to go. You could, however, consider the other two processes if you are someone who does not have the time to continually keep their nose hair in check.

An essential factor to keep in mind while trimming your nostrils is to never ever, regardless of the circumstances, remove all your nose hair. This will give free entry to debris and other foreign objects to enter your system. While removing your nose hair, aim for the strands that border the edge of your nose vents, and those that stand out. If you find that the methods listed above are complicated, do not try them at home. You can always go to your local spa and get them trimmed at the cost of a few bucks.

Posted on :- April 7, 2020

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