Venyn's Mission

Our Mission   

We are on a mission to become a lifestyle brand that attempts to blend and synchronize the aspirations, interests, opinions, and values that make lifestyle better and define a better way of spending life.

Our Story 

Started in January 2018 by a group of young individuals, Venyn was formed on the idea of honoring similarities among the needs of its consumers by celebrating the differences among its products. We closely observed the lives of individuals and noticed that people leaned towards the new and updated version of mobiles and gadgets, but remained less active towards the improved personal care essentials. This made us think out of the box and touch all the aspects of lifestyle to reform and reinvent. Our store would have a variety of products from all niches that are lifestyle improving, convenient to use and time-saving. Our research does not end here. It is a long-term progressive process that blends the necessity of every individual with innovative ideas to come up with the best lifestyle products.

Venyn's Story
Venyn's Philosophy

Our Philosophy 

Venyn, as a venture, is dedicated to lauding the bravery of US military soldiers and their spouses for the commendable gallantry they have been exhibiting for our motherland. For this, 10% of our total profits are presented to the National Military Family Association that has proven to endorse the military officials, their spouses, and their children. Each purchase you make from Venyn adds to a care package that is sent to the courageous wives of fallen soldiers and veteran families.

Our Approach

Venyn is planned and created to make life easy and joyous. Our unique products come handy to a million and this is what we choose to sell.

Venyn's unique products