Notos Wig Stand


Notes Wig Tripod for wigs and mannequin heads is made of high-grade metal, preventing it from wear and tear. It can be used for hairstyling, exhibition, and fits most of the mannequin heads, wig heads, canvas wig blockheads, mannequins for display and doll heads for styling. It extends to any height ranging from 33.7 inches to 55.7 inches, according to your preference, making all your efforts count. The next time you practice your best cut, you don’t even need to move because the product is 360 degrees rotatable. The wig stand is collapsible and can thus be carried in the carry bag that comes free of cost with the tripod.


Additional information


Anti Corrosive Metal



Package Dimensions

4.40 x 31.20 x 5.70 in


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